When feeling low, theatre is my scape

Yesterday  it was our staff Christmas party in our new refurbished building.  Everyone was looking really glam, I decided to go to see some of my colleagues and check out the set up for the party in the new building, it looked great.  So far so good.

Social occasions, how I dread them.  Pushing myself to make small talk and then regretting all I have said and all I have done.  I should know better, I am not a teenager, so today my self esteem is quite in the low tide, as low as the Cantabrico sea, yes, Cantabrico, I am from Santander, that’s how we call it.  So despite being my last weekend in England prior to the Christmas break and having done no shopping.  I am going to flee to the theatre, it always helps. The Almeida awaits, Ibsen awaits, there is not better antidote than a dose of theatre!



The Drowned Man – PunchDrunk – National Theatre

After going twice I can say that the experience was totally different in each of the visits.  I loved both.  The first time I went, I was going around at my own pace, feeling tiny intimidated by the looks of some of the actors (silly me!) so I explored the rooms, catch some of the performances and was amazed by how the actors gathered us to the final scene.  The second visit I felt braver so I stalked some of the actors (not the main protagonists, as I kept losing them in the dark, amongst the big crowd).  By doing this I got to see some other performances that I totally missed the first time! I even got invited to the caravan but a very handsome cowboy, shame I refused to take my mask off as he asked me  to leave…    I run after some other secondary characters and I was surprised about how quickly time went by before I was ushered to the grand finale. 

I have now seen a few promenade performances but it is the Drowned Man the one it has haunted me the most, till a point that I may go back again. 

The difference between this play and the others is that in this production “Temple Studios” are huge , very dark  and you are left on your own, so ultimately you make your own plot.